Novoslobodskaya contains many beautiful leadlight panels. The word at the top of the mural is pronounced 'meer'. It means peace.
Taking the escalator into Komsomolskaya. The most stunning station in the Moscow system - most theatres would envy its decor.
Mayakovskaya. This was the closest station to our apartment. I would not be exaggerating if I said I had used this station a thousand times over the three years we lived there.
The perehod connecting Teatralnaya (Theatre) and Ploschad Revolutsi (Revolution Square) stations. These long underground foot tunnels are essential when it is -15 degrees C and snowing outside.
When it is too cold outside for a snuggle, Taganskaya Station will do instead.
A more modern station, Dostoevskaya depicts scenes from 'Crime & Punishment'.

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